• Data, Research, Evaluation and Assessment

    The Data, Research, Evaluation and Assessment Department will...

    • Support students, teachers, principals, and district leaders by providing reporting and data necessary to make educational decisions for our students.
    • Support Pittsburgh families by sharing relevant information and transparency so families can make the best educational choices for their children.
    • Support the Pittsburgh community by providing a comprehensive reporting system with educationally relevant information.
    • Establishing and managing data governance processes with appropriate rules for accessing data and protecting student privacy.

    The Office of Research and Evaluation will provide support by…

    • Reviewing and fulfilling all data requests from internal and external stakeholders.
    • Reviewing and monitoring research being conducted throughout the PPS community.
    • Facilitating a monthly review board for determining whether or not new research requests are in the best interest of the PPS community.
    • Accessing data via a centralized data warehouse.
    • Publishing data dashboards for internal stakeholders to monitor school and organizational operations.
    • Providing data dashboards available to the public as an effort to promote transparency.
    • Supporting schools and central office staff around data use and inquiry research.

    The Office of Data and Accountability will provide student data support by…

    • Overseeing and completing data quality control processes and completing forensic examination of existing data to ensure accuracy and consistency with state and federal requirements.
    • Overseeing the correction of any data entry errors and establishing proper protocols for working through anomalies found within the data.
    • Providing direct support to Area Network Assistant Superintendents for Student Information System needs.
    • Providing support to Schools Data Support Specialists.
    • Completing state mandated information requests through the Pennsylvania Information Management System (PIMS).
    • Establishing appropriate procedures for obtaining state mandated information requests.

    The Office of Assessment will provide assessment and testing support by…

    • Working with Curriculum personnel to ensure tools are available to develop high quality, purposeful assessments.
    • Implementing improvements to the assessment portfolio that include multiple assessment and item types, authentic assessments and performance tasks.
    • Securing technology that fosters more efficient assessment development and administration processes.
    • Ensuring timely delivery of assessment results.
    • Developing materials and resources to enhance and support assessment literacy for the entire PPS community.
    • Implementing regular assessment communication to the entire PPS community.

    The Office of Charter Schools will provide charter accountability support by…

    • Monitoring performance of all City of Pittsburgh Charter Schools.
    • Monitoring Charter Schools for adherence to charter agreements under the Pennsylvania Charter School Law, they must:
      • Improve student learning
      • Increase learning opportunities for all students
      • Encourage the use of different and innovative teaching methods
      • Create new professional opportunities for teachers
      • Provide parents and students with expanded choices in the types of educational opportunities that are available within the public school system
      • Be accountable for meeting measurable academic standards