• Naviance

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  • College, Career, and Life Readiness for Every Student


    Naviance is the leading college, career, and life readiness (CCLR) platform that enables students to discover their strengths and interests, build critical social emotional learning skills, create actionable goals, develop career and military plans, access regional and state-specific data, and find their best-fit path and career after high school.


    College Readiness

    Naviance’s robust exploration and research tools allow for a personalized college readiness process based on students’ interests and strengths. Students can also make their own data-informed application decisions, schedule college campus visits, and identify scholarship opportunities.


    Career Readiness

    Holistic career exploration and planning tools include experiential learning to help all students align their academic plans to career goals. Naviance career research tools and work-based learning opportunities help students build their pathway to a meaningful career based on strengths and interests.


    Life Readiness

    Assessments and lessons in Naviance help students understand who they are, gain skills to overcome obstacles, and learn how to set goals effectively. Students can carry those skills throughout all areas of their lives as they prepare for their futures.