Cohort Graduation Rates

  • Graduating from high school is an important accomplishment in a student's education and one of the primary goals of the K-12 education system. PPS, as well as the state and federal departments of education, monitors trends in graduation rates to assure and equitable outcomes. 

    The dashboard below displays the Cohort Graduation Rate, which follows a cohort of students that started 9th grade together. The Cohort Graduation Rate is defined as the percent of students in a particular cohort (of students who started 9th grade in the same year) that graduated from a PPS high school. There are 4-year, 5-year, and 6-year Graduation Cohort Rate that give the percent of cohorts that graduated in each of those numbers of years. The dashboard provides a view into the 4-year Graduation Cohort Rates for the district, schools, and student subgroups. 

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