• 2018 Summer Leadership Camp

    Members of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council and the PPS Youth Participatory Budget Council are about to take student voice to the next level!  It is critical that our students are well prepared for the leadership and work that they are about to walk into! On August 13-16, 2018, all student leaders will come together for the Summer Leadership Camp at Carlow University to prepare for the 2018-2019 school year!

    Objectives – All Student Leaders Will;

    1. Learn the mission and vision of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council and the Youth Participatory Budget Council, buy in to the importance of student voice at the district and city level, and understand the need to support their peers.
    2. Develop strong collegial relationships with one another and with district and city leadership, as sources of support and as a model for leadership and a student involved culture that will be executed throughout the year.
    3. Gain a thorough understanding of key elements for the 2018 – 2019 school year, including the program model for each council, the operation of district and city government, roles and expectations of student leaders, as well as more detailed information for the framework of the projects and sustaining the work from year to year.


     Summer Leadership Camp Schedule


    August 13, 2018

    August 14, 2018

    August 15, 2018

    August 16, 2018

    8:00 AM

    Registration & Breakfast

    Sign In & Breakfast

    Sign In & Breakfast

    Sign In & Breakfast

    8:30 AM


    Efficacy Boot Camp


    Welcome & Instructions for the day

    8:35 AM


    Agenda Review

    Transition for YPBC members to City Council

    8:40 AM

    Teambuilding Activity

    8:45 AM

    Team Building Activity

    9:00 AM

    Agenda Review

    District 101

    9:05 AM

    Whole Group Activity

    9:15 AM


    9:30 AM

    Student Voice Best Practices

    9:50 AM


    10:00 AM

    Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council: Understanding Purpose and



    10:15 AM

    City Government 101

    10:30 AM


    Understanding Purpose and Process


    10:45 AM

    PPS Student Voice

    11:00 AM

    What does it mean to be a student leader?

    Understanding Public Policy and Social Change

    11:15 AM

    PPS Student Priority #1: School Lunch Requirements & Options

    11:30 AM

    Team Building Activity

    12:00 PM




    12:30 PM

    PPS Student Priority #2: Out of School Opportunities

    12:45 PM

    Student Recap and Agenda Review

    Student Recap and Agenda Review

    1:00 PM

    Cultivating Internal Peace Training

    Evaluating Student Understanding and Capturing Feedback

    PPS Student Priority #3: Student Input on School Scheduling

    1:15 PM

    Transition for YPBC members

    1:30 PM




    School based groups

    1:45 PM


    2:00 PM

    Student Leaders in the Community

    2:15 PM


    2:30 PM

    Celebration & Closeout

    3:00 PM

    Close Out

    3:15 PM

    Close Out

    Download a PDF version of the schedule here