• Disputes

    If a student's needs are not being met, families have avenues for holding charter schools accountable.


    Help for families and advocates of children with special needs about:

    • Special Education Regulations
    • School Related Concerns
    • Procedural Safeguards


    Help for Parents

    No one knows your child as well as you. Whether you are new to special education in Pennsylvania or an old pro, sometimes the system seems confusing, especially when you have a question or a concern. To make communication easy, we have a toll-free help line for your questions and concerns: 1-800-879-2301.

    The ConsultLine is designed to assist parents and advocates of children with disabilities or children thought to be disabled. If you have any questions concerning your child's special education program or the laws relating to the provision of services in your child's IEP (Individualized Educational Program), the special education specialists at ConsultLine may be able to assist you.

    The ConsultLine Is ...

    A direct line to a special education specialist who will:

    • Explain federal and state laws relating to special education, describe the options that are available to parents, inform parents of procedural safeguards, identify other agencies and support services, and describe available remedies and how parents can proceed.
    • The ConsultLine is designed to be used by parents and parent/advocacy organizations. School district personnel are asked to use the Bureau of Special Education's main number: 717-783-6913.

    Before You Call

    Although you may call ConsultLine at any time to discuss a concern, consider taking the following steps first:

    • Call your child's teacher, counselor and/or the principal. Discuss the situation with your school district's special education director. If neither of these steps resolve your concern, call ConsultLine for answers about special education regulations and related issues.

    When You Call

    When your call is received, give the specialist the following information:

    • Identify yourself, the child and where he or she is enrolled in school. Describe your concern and special circumstances. Be ready to write down any information given to you.


    Other Services You May Need

    If the ConsultLine adviser cannot answer all of your questions and you need further assistance, one of the following agencies or groups, may be able to help you. T hey may be reached by voice or text telephone devices for the deaf (TTY)


    Office for Dispute Resolution (ODR)

    1-800-222-3353, 1-800-992-4334; TTY 1-800-654-5984

    The Office for Dispute Resolution coordinates and manages Pennsylvania's special education mediation and due process system. ODR also provides help with procedural safeguards to parents, advocates, school districts, and intermediate units.


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