• Facts About Teaching in PPS

    Teacher Salaries, Benefits, Work Day, Extra Earnings & Retirement Benefits

    1. There are approximately 2,202 teachers and other professionals represented by the PFT in the District.

    2. Pittsburgh teachers reach the top of salary schedule after only 10 years compared to most other districts where the salary increase schedule spans over more years.

    a. Teachers hired prior to 2010, can receive as much as a $34,968 ‘jump step’ salary increase when they go from Step 9 to Step 10. In total, more than 1,200 District teachers are on the top step. 

    b.There are many extra earnings opportunities for teachers which serve as an “add on” to base pay.  For example:  A teacher at Step 10, earning a professional increment (after 15 years) and longevity increment (after 22 years), who coaches one sport and teaches summer school would have an annual salary of approximately $105,442.

    3. Most PPS teachers also receive additional compensation for attending professional development seminars and for taking on defined and designated responsibilities, such as working in after-school, Saturday and summer school programs.

    4. Teachers receive 12 paid sick days and 2 paid personal days per year. Sick days can accumulate without limit. When teachers are absent and replaced by a substitute, it costs the District approximately $120 per day per substitute teacher.

    5. PPS teachers receive health care benefits after retirement until they are Medicare-eligible. Before age 65, retired teachers receive same health care benefits and make premium contributions as retired employees.

    6. The District spends $35,949,812.71 million on the cost of all Employee/Retiree Health Care benefits.  More than $6,847,385 million of this amount pays for post-retirement health care benefit costs.

    Teacher Pensions

    7. Pension Plan Information:

    a. An employee is entitled to an unreduced pension calculated on salary, years of service and a multiplier at:

    - Age 62 with at least 1 year of service
    - Age 60 with 30 years of service
    - 35 years of service, no age limitation

    b. An employee is entitled to an early (reduced) pension at age 55 
    with 25 years of service.

    c. Employees have various options that will allow for the monthly pension to be paid to a surviving spouse.