• Frequently Asked Questions

    The Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) administration offers this Q&A to help parents, taxpayers and other stakeholders understand the process involving PPS bargaining with the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT), which currently involves a fact-finder’s mediation and report.

    What is collective bargaining?
    Collective bargaining is the negotiation of wages and other conditions of employment by an organized body of employees.

    Who is represented by the PFT?
    The Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) represents the following employee groups:  Teachers and other Professional Employees (2,400), Paraprofessionals (565) and Technical-Clerical (20) employees.

    What is fact-finding in labor relations?
    The Pennsylvania Labor Relations Act encourages the peaceful resolution of disputes through collective bargaining and protects employees, employers and labor organizations engaged in legal activities associated with the collective bargaining process. Act 88 of 1992 modified the Labor Relations Board’s role in public-school bargaining disputes. The appointment of a neutral fact-finder occurs to ensure the process is guided with reason from both sides.

    PPS has been bargaining with the PFT to revise and renew a collective bargaining agreement that expired June 30, 2017. Mediation began when they reached an impasse. Fact-finder Lewis R. Amis held hearings on October 19 and 20, 2017, and issued a report with complete findings and recommendations on October 30.