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    Our goal in this redesign was to listen to parent, community and staff feedback and improve user experience for all visitors and for all devices. To help you get acquainted with the changes, we will walk you through what's new in the redesign. See our guide below! 

    Our Homepage

    Our Image slideshow showcases upcoming events and announcements that families need to see. Click the orange "Read More" to button to be guided to the page where you can receive more information.

    "Read More" orange button


    Our Find It Fast menu are for those users that know where they need to go, we are sending them exactly where they need to go quickly. Staff, Students, and Parents all can click their "Find it Fast" pages to see highlighted links customized to each page. If you're logging into Clever for E-Learning, find the shortcut here quickly. If you're looking for Board Meeting Minutes, click Board Docs to go straight to where you need. 

    Find It Fast Menu Screenshot with Icons


    Mobile users: The Find It Fast menu can be found once in the menu section (we'll go more in depth a little further down the page when we discuss the menu). Look for the + sign third from the bottom. 

    Menu Screenshot for Mobile View  Mobile Screenshot of Find It Fast


    The Quick Links section and will highlight important announcements and links around the district. Sometimes these are similar to the image slideshow for important upcoming events and announcements, or quick links for the year we know you'll need to access fast. 

    Quick Links Header and Upcoming Events Header Screenshot from Website Homepage

    Upcoming Events showcases district events that are upcoming. You may click an event to see more details or click "See Full Calendar" to navigate to the full calendar of events. 

    See Full Calendar Red Button  

    District News a new tabbed form for us to provide more information in a smaller space. Tab from News, Featured District Videos, and Featured Board Videos to see what's happening around PPS. We've customized these tabs based on user feedback of what news is important to you!

    Screen shot of homepage District News Section

    Mobile Users: To see these tabs on your mobile screen, click the arrow beside the header on your device:

    District News, District Videos, Board Videos screencap on mobile


    Shortcut Menus 

    Find your school's Discover page quicker in the drop down at the top of the page under the PPS Schools menu.

    The "I would like to..." menu for quick links to important pages. We adjust these pages as necessary to help parents and community members find commonly used pages quickly. 

    Screenshot of Homepage


    Menu Structure
    Our website holds a lot of information. We know that it's sometimes hard to find the exact thing you're looking for. The menu structure to help organize our pages into four headers: "Our District, Our Programs, Our Students, Our Community"

    Our District: 
    This menu highlights general District Information (Contact Us, Policies, Careers), Our School information (Enrollment to PPS, Community Schools) as well Leadership (Board of Directors, Superintendent of Schools, Executive Cabinet).

    Our Programs: 
    This menu highlights our Academic Programs, as well as Enrichment Programs for our students that include our Character Development pages PBIS, Restorative Practices and Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL).

    Our Students: 
    This menu has all things related to our students that help them succeed at PPS. Student Services, Resources and College and Career Readiness pages are within this menu structure.

    Our Community: 
    A combination of Community Relations, Resources, and Engagement links that we recognize community members and parents alike look for. Business Opportunities, School Facility Use, Volunteering and Financial Reports are all quickly accessible in this menu. 


    Our full menu (also called Site Map) is accessible on our Footer Menu at all times. The Site Map gives a complete, searchable list of the pages in our menu in a simplistic page without hovering over our megamenu. 

    Screenshot of Footer Menu

    Mobile Menu

    No matter if you are using a laptop, an iPad, or your phone to view our website - our pages will adapt to the screen you are using for the best view. 


              Screenshot of Homepage Homepage Screenshot  . 

    Find our Mobile menu by clicking the three bars in the top right hand side!

    The white background indicates our main menu, click the + to expand and see the pages within each menu. In the black background, you will find our Shortcut Menus. Click the + to expand and see these pages!

    Mobile Screen Shot of Menu Mobile Screen shot Mobile Menu Screenshot



    Are we missing something? Is there a page you would like us to highlight more? We are constantly listening to feedback and adjusting the website! Send us an email at webmaster@pghschools.org