• Dominique Scaife
    Photo by Jason Cohn

    Dominique Scaife
    Class of 1993

    “I have a story to tell of the beauty I see.”

    Dominique Scaife, a 1993 Pittsburgh Allderdice graduate, is a self taught polymer clay figurative artist born, raised, and working in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

    “I can’t recall exactly what made me go and purchase clay, but I knew I had to do it,” said Scaife.

    With no formal training, Scaife said she “just had to touch, had to form, and create.”

    “I hadn't any African American sculptural art around me but knew that is what I had to create. So I practiced, and studied what I could find. Peace came, my creativity evolved, my confidence evolved. I knew without a doubt I found my purpose, my something to leave here on this earth.
    The passion to take clay, form it in your hands and tell the stories in my mind, was the beginning of a release for me. The stories in my mind of beauty that go along with the pieces are a visual show. The coming to life of these pieces my gift.”

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