• Quentin Perry Photo by Jason Cohn

    Quentin Perry
    Class of 2004

    Quentin “ C.B. Perry “ Perry has been quietly pursuing a career in the arts his entire life . Growing up, Perry was member of all the art clubs in elementary, middle and high school. He graduated from Brashear High School in 2004 with a diploma in applied technology from which we was taught the basics of graphic design and computer programing. From there he attended the University of Pittsburgh and majored in graphic design. After his first year Quentin felt irresolute about pursuing a career in the arts so he decided to change his major and pursue other ventures.


    After a few years he bounced around in various career fields, until he arrived to the age of 30 and decided to pursue art once again. C.B. Perry is known for his unconventional and often unfiltered humor which is translated throughout his art work.  C.B. Perry takes a unconventional view of social, political and cultural topics . Perry deconstructs pop culture that visually represents the randomness present in daily life and promotes thinking outside of the box.  Perry has art exhibitions coming up in the Spring and Summer 2018. 


    Perry currently teaches at the Campus School of Carlow University.


    At 18, Perry achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and has been involved with the Boy Scouts of America for decades.  Most recently, he serves as Assistant Scout Master of Troop 281.


    Last year, he was nominated for the City Paper’s Best Local Visual Artist.