• Magnet Preferences

    Learn about Magnet Preferences

  • Applicants can receive preference for a magnet program, meaning that the applicant is accepted or placed on the waiting list ahead of other applicants who do not qualify for preferences. Preference is not applied to magnet programs that are not listed as first choice, and applicants with preference are not guaranteed acceptance. 

    Preference is only granted for applicants who submit an application before the lottery application deadline, and only apply to the program listed as choice #1.

    Preference is granted under two categories:

    • Sibling Preference A child applying for a magnet program or school in grades K-5 will receive preference if they have a sibling that will be attending the building to which they are applying at the same time. Siblings are defined as children who officially reside in the same household and share a parent/guardian with another child. 

    Note that sibling preference is most easily granted for students entering kindergarten. At other grades, sibling applicants are only accepted if space is available, and is not guaranteed.

    • Program Continuation Program continuation allows a child to progress through a magnet theme across schools, e.g. from an elementary language program in to Pittsburgh Obama 6-12, or through the STEAM pathway from Pittsburgh Woolslair K-5 to Pittsburgh Schiller 6-8 to Pittsburgh Perry 9-12. Refer to program-specific information to learn about program continuation for each magnet theme.