• Magnet Eligibility Criteria

    A guide to program specific eligibility

  • Some magnet programs have eligibility criteria that students must meet in order to be considered for admission. This criteria is outlined in the District’s Administrative Regulation that sets guidelines for magnet schools and programs. 

    • Language Proficiency
      • Students applying to a language magnet program for Grades 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, and 12 must pass a language proficiency test in the emphasized language at that school. (At K-2, 6th, and 9thgrade, students can enter in to the language program with no prior language experience.)
      • Tutoring is provided in the spring to children in Grades 3-5 applying to a language magnet program.
      • Applicants are considered for admission via the magnet lottery, but acceptance and enrollment is dependent on successful completion of the proficiency exam.

    • Pittsburgh CAPA
      • All applicants must submit an essay explaining their interest in the particular arts area to which they are applying (specific instructions are included in the online application).
      • All applicants must also submit an artistic recommendation form, completed by an adult who can attest to their artistic skill and background, as well as a guidance counselor authorization form. Specific directions and copies of these documents are available within the online application and on the CAPA registration page.
      • Applicants participate in an audition process or submission of a portfolio prior to the year in which they are applying for entrance. The audition is scored on a rubric and determines the applicant’s status (accepted, waitlisted or not accepted). More information about the audition process is shared on the CAPA registration page, under each department.

    • High School Applicants to Pittsburgh Allderdice Pre-Engineering, Brashear Computer Science, Brashear Teaching Academy, Sci-Tech, and Obama
      • All applicants to Brashear Computer Science must have had at least 90% attendance in the prior school year.
      • All applicants to grades 9-12 at Allderdice, Brashear Teaching Academy, Sci-Tech and Obama must have performed at least basic on their most recent PSSA exam in order to be considered for admission via the lottery. Applicants to Allderdice and Sci-Tech must have scored at least basic on their most recent PSSA exam in Math. Applicants to Brashear Teaching Academy and Obama must have scored at least basic on their most recent PSSA exam in ELA.
      • All applicants to Allderdice, Brashear Teaching Academy and Obama must also have a 2.5 GPA in order to be considered for admission via the lottery.
      • For students new to Pittsburgh Public Schools, as well as students who did not attend a Pittsburgh Public school last school year, evidence must be submitted with the application in order for a student to be determined as eligible. The online application includes prompts for uploading documentation, including a transcript and/or report card.
      • Other nationally recognized standardized tests are considered in lieu of PSSA scores if a child is coming from a school that does not administer the PSSA or if the child has been excused from the PSSA due to a conflict with their religious belief. Other achievement measures are used in lieu of standardized test scores if a student does not take a standardized test.

    Remaining in a Magnet Program

    Students also must meet criteria established in the Board’s Administrative Regulations (AR-120) to remain in a magnet school/program.

    • All students must maintain a 90% attendance rate.
    • Students in grades 6-12 may not receive more than one 4-10 day suspension, or more than 6 total days of suspension per year.
    • Students in grades 9-12 must also maintain a 2.0 GPA.

    Families of students who do not meet these requirements will be notified by the school, as well as by the magnet office, and plans for support will be developed. Students who do not meet the requirements to remain, despite support, may have their magnet placement rescinded and be returned to their assigned school at year’s end.