• Graduation

  • Graduation Requirements 

    In order to graduate, students must successfully complete 26.5 academic credits and must achieve Proficiency on the Keystone exams
    1. The 26.5 Credits must be earned in the following areas:
    Content Area Non-CTE Students CTE Students
    English 4 credits 4 credits
    Science 4 credits 3 credits
    Mathematics (3 required credits: Algebra 1,2 and Geometry) 4 credits 4 credits
    Social Studies
    (with a minimum of 3 credits in Social Studies, the 4th credit may be satisfied by a level 3 course in World Language)
    4 credits 3 credits
    Electives: Academic, Art, Career Development an/or Physical Education 7 credits  9 credits
    Health 1 credit 1 credit
    Physical Education 2 credits 2 credits
    Graduation Project .5 credits .5 credits
    2. Proficiency on Keystones
    Proficiency is the demonstration of knowledge of key concepts in a particular subject area on an assessment.  Keystones have a 4 point scale: 4=Advanced, 3=Proficient, 2=Basic, 1=Below Basic.  To demonstrate proficiency, students must score a 3 or 4.

    Students must demonstrate proficiency on the Algebra, Literature and Biology Keystone. 

    PROMISE-READINESS is more than a 2.5 GPA and 90% attendance.   It is:  

    • Academic Mastery A rigorous course of study in high school is the number #1 predictor of college completion
    • Behaviors and Habits including study skills and a healthy lifestyle
    • Ambitions and Dreams including a detailed plan for the future