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    Who Do I Contact for Help?
  • Central Support
    Data, Research, Evaluation and Assessment
    Suite #348
    Attention: (Central Support Clerk listed below)
    341 S. Bellefield Ave Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Hours: 9am-4:30pm (year-round)

    See below for contact information for the specific Central Support Clerk assigned to your neighborhood school.

    Magnet Office
    341 S. Bellefield Ave Pittsburgh PA, 15213
    Room #435

    P: 412-529-3991 | F: 412-529-8544
    Email: magnetoffice@pghschools.org

    Project Manager, Magnet Office: Ebony Latham
    Email: elatham1@pghboe.net 

    Early Childhood Main Office
    Conroy Early Childhood Center
    1398 Page Street Building A, Room 226
    Pittsburgh, PA 15233

    P: 412-529-4291 | F: 412-325-0702
    Email: earlychildhood@pghschools.org

    Central Support Clerks are here to support specific schools in the district.
    Find your central support clerk by finding your child's assigned school in the list of schools below. If you are unsure what school your child is assigned to, visit Discover PPS.

    Central Support Clerk for the Following Schools: Maureen McAdoo
    Banksville, Beechwood, Concord, Conroy**, Faison, Gifted Center**, Grandview, Lincoln, Oliver Citywide Academy**, Minadeo, Pioneer**, Roosevelt, Spring Hill, West Liberty, Whittier
    Contact Information for Maureen McAdoo
    Phone: 412-529-5874 - Fax: 412-325-8961 - Email: mmcadoo1@pghschools.org

    Central Support Clerk for the following schools: Tracy Velemirovich
    Allegheny K-5*, Arlington, Arsenal K-5, Dilworth*, Fulton, King, Liberty*, Linden*, Manchester, Miller, Montessori*, Morrow, Phillips, Weil, Westwood, Woolslair
    Contact Information for Tracy Velemirovich: 
    Phone: 412-529-3866 - Fax: 412-325-7086 - Email: tvelemirovich1@pghschools.org
    Central Support Clerk for the following schools: Geraldine Ennis
    Allegheny 6-8*, Arsenal 6-8, Brookline, Carmalt*, Classical*, Colfax, Greenfield, Mifflin, Langley, Schiller, Sterrett*, South Brook, South Hills, Sunnyside
    Contact Information for Geraldine Ennis:
    Phone: 412-529-3528 - Fax: 412-325-7798 - Email: gennis1@pghschools.org
    Central Support Clerk for the following schools: Carmella Hernandez
    Allderdice, Brashear, CAPA*, Carrick, Clayton Academy*, Milliones UPREP, Obama*, Perry, Science and Technology Academy*, Student Achievement Center**, Westinghouse
    Contact Information for Carmella Hernandez:
    Phone: 412-529-3527 - Fax: 412-894-2951 - Email: chernandez1@pghschools.org
    *Magnet Schools: A magnet application will be necessary for registering into magnet schools, however our Central Support Clerks will first enroll you into the district to start this process.
    **Special Schools: These special schools that require special circumstances, however a Central Support Clerk can walk you through the process. 
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  • The Enrollment office is the hub for all PPS students

    If your child needs additional services, such as special education, we will refer him or her to the appropriate department. If English is not your dominant language, the ESL office will help you enroll. To schedule an appointment, please call the ESL office at 412-529-3516 or 412-529-3620.

  • Issues with website or general questions: Contact the Parent Hotline
    Hours: 9am-5pm
    P: 412-529-HELP (4357)
    Email: support@pghboe.net