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    Neighborhood Schools
    Every student is assigned to a neighborhood school by the student's address.
  • Step 1: Identify your child's assigned neighborhood school

    Use our Discover PPS tool by inputting your address. Input house number and street address and select registered US Postal Address from drop down. Click on each school to discover more about the features your neighorhood school has to offer. 

    Step 2: Gather Supporting Documents

    Required Documents:
    Please have all the required documents on hand. You will need:
    • Evidence of the child's age.This must be a legal document, such as a copy of birth certificate, passport, or baptismal certificate.
    • Two current proofs of residency, such as a valid Pennsylvania driver’s license or vehicle registration, utility bills, tax statements, lease or mortgage statement, or an official public assistance letter
    • Immunization records with dates from your child’s doctor’s office or former school, or an international health certificate.

    Requested Documents:
    The District requests that students provide the following additional documents (if available). These documents are not required as a condition of enrollment and will not delay a child's enrollment.

    • Request for Student Records Form (given and completed on-site at the time of enrollment)
      • Health/Physical Examination Records
      • Academic, Attendance and Special Education Records

    Step 3: Submit Application

    Enrollment into neighborhood schools must be done in person. Take all documents to either of the following:
    Your child's assigned school during school year hours
    Need help finding the address? Use Discover PPS, find your school and click "About Our School"

    Your child's assigned Central Support Clerk (assigned by school, see below):
    Data, Research, Evaluation and Assessment (DREA) Suite #348 (Oakland Area)
    Pittsburgh Public Schools Administration Building
    341 S. Bellefield Ave
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Hours: 9am-4:30pm (year-round)

    Central Support Clerks are here to support specific schools in the district.
    Find your central support clerk by finding your child's assigned school in the list of schools below.

    Central Support Clerk for the Following Schools: Maureen McAdoo
    Banksville, Beechwood, Concord, Conroy**, Faison, Gifted Center**, Grandview, Lincoln, Oliver Citywide Academy**, Minadeo, Pioneer**, Roosevelt, Spring Hill, West Liberty, Whittier
    Contact Information for Maureen McAdoo
    Phone: 412-529-5874 - Fax: 412-325-8961 - Email: mmcadoo1@pghschools.org

    Central Support Clerk for the following schools: Tracy Velemirovich
    Allegheny K-5*, Arlington, Arsenal K-5, Dilworth*, Fulton, King, Liberty*, Linden*, Manchester, Miller, Montessori*, Morrow, Phillips, Weil, Westwood, Woolslair
    Contact Information for Tracy Velemirovich: 
    Phone: 412-529-3866 - Fax: 412-325-7086 - Email: tvelemirovich1@pghschools.org
    Central Support Clerk for the following schools: Geraldine Ennis
    Allegheny 6-8*, Arsenal 6-8, Brookline, Carmalt*, Classical*, Colfax, Greenfield, Mifflin, Langley, Schiller, Sterrett*, South Brook, South Hills, Sunnyside
    Contact Information for Geraldine Ennis:
    Phone: 412-529-3528 - Fax: 412-325-7798 - Email: gennis1@pghschools.org
    Central Support Clerk for the following schools: Carmella Hernandez
    Allderdice, Brashear, CAPA*, Carrick, Clayton Academy*, Milliones UPREP, Obama*, Perry, Science and Technology Academy*, Student Achievement Center**, Westinghouse
    Contact Information for Carmella Hernandez:
    Phone: 412-529-3527 - Fax: 412-894-2951 - Email: chernandez1@pghschools.org
    *Magnet Schools: A magnet application will be necessary for registering into magnet schools, however our Central Support Clerks will first enroll you into the district to start this process.
    **Special Schools: These special schools that require special circumstances, however a Central Support Clerk can walk you through the process. 
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  • Special Notes:

    In order for a child to be eligible to register for Kindergarten,
    they must turn 5 years old by September 30th of the school year for which they are registering.

    Guardianship: If you are not the natural parent or guardian of the child being enrolled, you must also provide appropriate legal documentation showing dependency or guardianship or a sworn statement of full residential support to the Office of Student Services located at the District's Administration Building, Room #440, Phone: (412) 529-3942 OR (412) 529-3950 OR (412) 529-3953, before the child will be admitted.

    Non-resident students may be registered in accordance with the District's policy on Eligibility of Non-Resident Students (Policy #202). To access the policy on the SCView Inquiry screen, select "Policies" from the Document Type dropdown menu and enter the Policy number in the Policy No. box.
    *Year-round/Holidays/Summer Enrollments: If your child's school is not staffed during the holidays or during the summer (approximately around middle of June), you may register with your Central Support Clerk located at the District's Administration Building (Oakland). View address above.