Student Meal Accounts

  • Personal Identification Numbers

    Personal Identification Numbers (PIN) have been administered to each student in the district. The PIN is needed to receive meals at school and to purchase snacks or second meals. To reference your child's PIN, please contact your school's main office. 

    If a student should forget his/her PIN, a meal will still be served to that student. Please see below for Frequently Asked Questions about student PINs. 


    School Cafe

    Snacks are available for purchase throughout the school day at certain PPS sites. If you would like to add money to your child's meal account to purchase snacks or second meals (first meal is free!), you may do so by visiting

    Money can be added to the account online through School Cafe or at your child's school by cash. Please see the cafeteria manager in your school to add cash on to a student account. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why do student's need PINs? 

    The United States Department of Agriculture requires that each district be able to track who is receiving meals at school. Allocating PIN numbers is one way to do that. 

    What if my child forgets his/her PIN? 

    A child enrolled in Pittsburgh Public Schools is entitled to a free breakfast and lunch each day. If a child forgets his/her PIN, a meal will still be served to that child. 

    Where can I find my child's PIN? 

    A letter has been mailed home stating your child's PIN. The main office of the child's school will be able to provide the student's PIN as well.

    Who can I contact for more information? 

    Please contact the Food Service Department for more information at 412-529-3300.