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  • Enrollment and Registration
    Welcome to Pittsburgh Public Schools Enrollment Page! 

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  • Pittsburgh Public Schools offers a wide variety of educational options and offerings for our diverse student body. We aim to provide options that not only match our students’ passions and unique needs, but also help to prepare them for the real word through diverse experiences.

    New to PPS?
    Are you new to PPS or just unsure about the steps to take? 

    Magnet Registration
    Interested in enrolling in a magnet program or learning more about offerings?

    Early Childhood Enrollment
    Our Early Childhood Program is designed for children ages 3-5. 

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    Discover PPS!

    Discover our schools.

    Discover why you can Expect Great Things


    Discover PPS is a tool designed to make finding a school and finding out about a school easier than ever within the Pittsburgh Public Schools.

    Whether you are looking for your nearest neighborhood school, a magnet school or want to find out about the early childhood options in the area, Discover PPS is here to make the experience of searching for a school easier than ever.

    Learn more about the tool here or visit Discover PPS.

  • Browsing Options? Determine which type of school is right for your child. 


    Early Childhood
    Early Childhood Programs provides children, ages three to five, a comprehensive, full day educational program designed to reinforce and respond to the unique strengths and needs of the individual child and family.

    K-12 Neighborhood Schools
    Every student is assigned to a neighborhood school by the student's address. Neighborhood schools are also referred to as "feeder" schools. Addresses in the same area are grouped into a feeder pattern and assigned to the same school.

    K-12 Magnet Schools
    Magnet schools and programs allow students to pursue special interests, talents or career goals. Magnet schools are not neighborhood specific so students who reside anywhere in the District are eligible to attend. Students must apply.

    CTE Programs
    CTE provides students with the opportunity to receive technical skills that are in demand in the job market and college credit. Students will earn workforce certifications while in school.
    Online Academy
    Pittsburgh Online Academy's comprehensive program allows students to work asynchronously at their own pace while being supported by high-qualified teachers that provide visual support.
  • We're Here to Help 

    If you have any questions, or need assistance filling out the enrollment forms, please submit a Let’s Talk ticket (found in the left-hand corner of the screen) 

    Please make sure to provide a full name, an email address to respond to, and a valid phone number. Our Central Enrollment Office will reach out to help.