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  • Students raising hands in ESL classroom English as a Second Language (ESL) is an instructional program for students whose dominant language is not English. The purpose of the program is to increase the English language proficiency of eligible students so they can attain academic standards and achieve success in the classroom.
    Features of the ESL Program:
    • ESL instruction is offered in grades K-12
    • ESL students receive one to three ESL classes, depending on their English proficiency level
    • ESL students also attend math, science, social studies and other general education classes
    • The ESL program provides total English immersion for students
    • ESL students are given the support needed to effectively adjust to American culture
    • ESL classes are an individualized, student-centered learning environment 

    Pouvez-vous parler français? 你會說中國 ¿Habla Espanol? Nǐ huì shuō zhōngguó Do you have questions about your child's progress in school? Do you have questions about your child's school? Call the Pittsburgh Public Schools Nine Line at 412-529-6463 (NINE)!


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Pennsylvania English Language Proficiency Standards
WIDA English Language Development Standards
The WIDA Standards Framework and its Theoretical Foundations


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Grade Level Materials

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K–5: Reach
6–8: Inside
9–12: Edge

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