• Students with Disabilities Enrolled in Non-Public Schools
    The Equitable Participation Act (Pittsburgh Public Schools) 

    IDEA regulations states that Pittsburgh Public Schools must fulfill child-find obligations for children with disabilities enrolled by their parents in private elementary and secondary schools. Pittsburgh Public Schools and Pittsburgh Mount Oliver Intermediate Unit 2 must conduct child-find evaluations and work to collaborate within non-public schools. If a parent, guardian, or educational decision maker of a student enrolled in a non-public school would like to request evaluation services through Pittsburgh Public Schools please contact Isaac Tarbell, Supervisor of Psychological Services at 412-529-3193 or itarbell1@pghschools.org

    Act 89 Auxiliary Services in Non-Public Schools
    Pittsburgh Mount Oliver Intermediate Unit 2

    Act 89 was enacted in 1975 to address equitable educational issues for nonpublic school students throughout Pennsylvania.  This enactment ensures that the Intermediate Units in the Commonwealth provide, on an equal basis, auxiliary services to all pupils in the Commonwealth in both public and nonprofit nonpublic schools. As a result, Act 89 services are provided to Nonpublic students in Pittsburgh through the Office of Nonpublic Programs acting as Intermediate Unit #2.

    Services delivered to students may include: 

    • Remedial Services

    PMOIU #2 offers remedial services to the non-public schools within the City of Pittsburgh.  Remedial reading and math are offered at the elementary and high school levels. Multiple criteria are used to select students who need intervention.  These measures include standardized assessments, classroom performance, and school and parent recommendation.  Instruction, provided by qualified IU #2 personnel at the school site, is designed to meet the individual needs of eligible students.  Collaboration with the classroom teacher is an integral part of the students’ lessons.

    Parents are a vital part of the IU’s remedial program.  IU teachers attend school parent-teacher conferences and send home student reports bi-annually.  At the elementary level a monthly parent newsletter is sent home and a parent enrichment workshop is offered each semester.  Strategies and materials are given at these sessions to assist parents in working with their children at home.

    • ESL (English as a Second Language) Program

    PMOIU #2 offers ESL services to students in various non-public schools with the City of Pittsburgh.  A certified Intermediate Unit ESL specialist will test for proficiency once a school has determined through the Home-Language Survey that a student’s primary language spoken at home is not English.  The W-APT, Wida – Access Placement Test, is given to these students to establish whether there is a need for ESL support.  Direct instruction is generally provided one to two times a week to students who are not proficient in English.  The ESL specialist also offers suggestions to classroom teachers and parents.  The IPT Language Proficiency Test is administered annually to verify an ELL’s (English Language Learner) progress.  The ESL specialist is available for parent-teacher conferences and sends home student reports bi-annually.  ESL is a non-graded and a non-credited support class.

    • Speech Services

    PMOIU #2 offers itinerant speech and language services to K-12 students in the non-public schools within the City of Pittsburgh. Our speech and language therapists conduct screenings and diagnostic evaluations to identify students having disorders/delays in articulation, phonology, receptive, expressive and/or pragmatic language, auditory processing, stuttering and voice.

    Once a student is determined eligible, a permission form is sent home to families. Therapists collaborate with teachers and families to develop individualized speech and language goals to help students improve their communication skills and further develop their educational goals. Family communication and participation is encouraged to ensure carryover of skills and strategies across settings.  Student progress is monitored and treatment goals are adjusted as needed. Progress reports are completed two times each year.

    • Psychological Services

    The psychological services program offers psychological assessment, consultation and screening services to schools seeking to help referred students with academic or emotional concerns.  Serving kindergarten through high school age students, the psychology department seeks to team with schools and other I.U. professionals to develop implementable student treatment plans.

    • Title I Neglected and Delinquent Services

    Title I Part A ( Neglected) funding is funneled through the PMOIU2 to administer funding and technical support to those eligible Neglected Programs providing supplemental educational services to at-risk student populations housed in facilities by the court system due to abandonment, abuse or parental neglect. Title I Part D (Delinquent) funding is administered and supervised by PMOIU2 to eligible programs providing supplemental educational services to at-risk students who find themselves confined in detention centers and correctional facilities. These students are placed by the court system for adjudication or pre-adjudication in criminal or civil court cases.  Upon release the ultimate goal for these programs is to develop a transitional path for these students to continue their high school education, enroll in college or a technical training program or become a working member of a community. Both Part A and Part D programs work closely with the home school districts to determine if the student is eligible for credit recovery consideration. 

    Additional Service Questions can be directed to: Main Directory (412) 224-4580

    Contacts Website Link: http://www.pmoiu2.k12.pa.us/contact-us/  Services Website Link: http://www.pmoiu2.k12.pa.us/schools/ 

    Remedial Supervisor 
    Jennifer Solak jsolak@pmoiu2.k12.pa.us

    Title I Neglected and Delinquent Coordinator
    Linda M. Baehr N&Dmail@pmoiu2.k12.pa.us

    Lead Speech Therapist
    Janet Byrnes jbyrnes@pmoiu2.k12.pa.us

    Linda M. Baehr lbaehr@pmoiu2.k12.pa.us

    Act 89 Psychological Evaluation Services Team

    Tara Forte, tforte@pmoiu2.k12.pa.us

    Community Day School
    Hillel Academy of Pittsburgh of Pittsburgh
    St. Bede School
    St. John Bosco Academy
    St. Raphael Elementary School
    Waldorf School of Pittsburgh 

    Eric Palmer epalmer@pmoiu2.k12.pa.us

    Oakland Catholic High School
    Sacred Heart School
    St. Benedict the Moor School
    St. Edmund’s Academy
    Winchester Thurston School

    Lisa Rendall LRendall@pmoiu2.k12.pa.us

    Bishop Canevin High School
    Central Catholic High School
    Falk Laboratory School
    The Neighborhood Academy
    Northside Catholic School
    Pittsburgh New Church
    Shady Side Academy
    Yeshiva Achei Tmimin Boys School

    Diana  Roebuck, droebuck@pmoiu2.k12.pa.us

    The Campus School of Carlow University
    The Ellis School
    Imani Christian Academy Kentucky Avenue School
    St. Maria Goretti School
    St. Rosalia Academy
    Yeshiva Achei Tmimin Girls School

  • The Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability or age in its programs, activities or employment and provides equal access to the Boy Scouts and other designated youth groups. Inquiries may be directed to the Title IX Coordinator or the Section 504/ADA Title II Coordinator at 341 Bellfield Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213 or 412.529.HELP (4357).