Additional Resources

    The Pennsylvania Youth Suicide Prevention Initiative has provided key talking points developed by SAVE:   https://www.save.org/

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK)

    Crisis Text Line – text “HOME” to 741-741

    Youth Suicide Warning Signs  – accurate, up-to-date, empirically-informed warning signs for youth suicide and how you can respond to someone in crisis.

    JED Foundation 


    List of Counselors and Social Workers (sorted by School) 



    Allderdice High School Alicia Krall            LES, Central 3546 akrall1@pghschools.org
    Allderdice High School   Edward Gelman Counselor 4812 egelman1@pghschools.org
    Allderdice High School Debra Genter Social Worker 4884 dgenter1@pghschools.org
    Allderdice High School Dana Hecht Counselor 4834 dhecht1@pghschools.org
    Allderdice High School J. Robin Jones Counselor 4813 jjones3@pghschools.org
    Allderdice High School  Samantha Noll Social Worker 4880 snoll1@pghschools.org
    Allderdice High School  Lyndsey Van Luik Counselor 4890 lvanluik1@pghschools.org
    Allegheny 6-8 Curisha Felder Counselor 4120 cfelder1@pghschools.org
    Allegheny K-5 Laura Ward Social Worker 4106 lward1@pghschools.org
    Arlington K-8 Lanee Smith Counselor 5235 lsmith3@pghschools.org
    Arlington K-8 Jennifer Tyler Counselor 3646 jtyler1@pghschools.org
    Arsenal 6-8 Cassandra Rosser Social Worker 3097 crosser1@pghschools.org
    Arsenal 6-8 Monica Tillman Social Worker 5750 mtillman1@pghschools.org
    Arsenal K-5 Shanekka Mason Counselor 5796 smason2@pghschools.org
    Banksville K-5 Christopher Hertneky Counselor 7403 chertneky1@pghschools.org
    Barack Obama 6-12   Carrie Brueckner    Social Worker 8772 cbrueckner1@pghschools.org
    Barack Obama 6-12 Darlene Epps Counselor 8767 depps1@pghschools.org
    Barack Obama 6-12  Nneka Martin Counselor 8768 nmartin1@pghschools.org
    Beechwood K-5   Rebecca Lipski Social Worker 7394 rlipski1@pghschools.org
    Brashear High School Laura Gild Counselor 7353 lgild1@pghschools.org
    Brashear High School Timothy Pail Social Worker 7333 tpail1@pghschools.org
    Brashear High School Charles Slayton Counselor 7316 cslayton1@pghschools.org
    Brashear High School Lauren Smith Counselor 7325 lsmith4@pghschools.org
    Brashear High School Christina Thomas Counselor 7319 cthomas2@pghschools.org
    Brookline K-8 Lasaune Rayzer Counselor 7377 lrayzer1@pghschools.org
    CAPA 6-12 Brendan Coyne Counselor 6128 bcoyne1@pghschools.org
    CAPA 6-12 Jennifer Palermo Social Worker 6124 jpalermo1@pghschools.org
    CAPA 6-12 Jennifer Thomas Counselor 6133 jthomas1@pghschools.org
    Career Development  Sarah Ford Career Counselor, CTE 8688 sford1@pghschools.org
    Career Development Lucinda Safran Career Counselor, CTE 8687 lsafran1@pghschools.org
    Carmalt K-8 Caterina Molinaro Counselor 7899 cmolinaro1@pghschools.org
    Carrick High School JoAnne Concannon Counselor 7731 joaconcannon1@pghschools.org
    Carrick High School Terry Cowden-Bolster Counselor 7742 tcowdenbolster1@pghschools.org
    Carrick High School Barbara Rubinstein Social Worker 7719 brubinstein1@pghschools.org
    Carrick High School Elizabeth Blackhurst Social Worker 2035 eblackhurst1@pghschools.org
    Classical 6-8 Anna Chough Social Worker 3110 achough1@pghschools.org
    Clayton Academy Tia Altman Counselor 3344 taltman1@pghschools.org
    Clayton Academy Lisa DeCarolis Counselor 3346 ldecarolis1@pghschools.org
    Clayton Academy Anthony  Hall Counselor 3289 ahall1@pghschools.org
    Clayton Academy Annette Rosa-Stinson Social Worker   arosastinson1@pghschools.org
    Clayton Academy   Christina Thompson Behavior Specialist 3383 cthompson3@pghschools.org
    Colfax K-8  Erin Montgomery Counselor 6720 emontgomery1@pghschools.org
    Colfax K-8  Malika Sinha Counselor 3647 msinha1@pghschools.org
    Concord K-5 Teresa Bender Counselor 7764 tbender1@pghschools.org
    Conroy Brian Lewis Behavioral Specialist   blewis1@pghschools.org
    Conroy Michele Ventura Social Worker 8133 mventura1@pghschools.org
    Dilworth K-5  Nneka Hart Social Worker 5002 nhart1@pghschools.org
    Faison K-5 Shandia Booker Counselor 2335 sbooker1@pghschools.org
    Fulton K-5 Christina Yancy Social Worker 4596 cyancy1@pghschools.org
    Grandview K-5 Janae Dandridge Counselor 6611 jdandridge1@pghschools.org
    Greenfield K-8 Erica Linnert Counselor 4174 elinnert1@pghschools.org
    King K-8 Tanya Ashby Social Worker 4138 tashby1@pghschools.org
    King K-8 Jacquelyn Mazzotta Counselor 4146 jmazzotta1@pghschools.org
    Langley K-8 Sarah Armenti Social Worker 2179 sarmenti1@pghschools.org
    Langley K-8 Jennifer Masdea Social Worker 2178 jmasdea1@pghschools.org
    Liberty K-5 Tashawn Nichols Counselor 8457 tnichols1@pghschools.org
    Lincoln K-5  Monica Speight-White Social Worker 2079 mspeightwhite1@pghschools.org
    Linden K-5 Tamika Sharif Social Worker 4003 tsharif1@pghschools.org
    Manchester K-8 Felicia Bright Social Worker 3311 fbright1@pghschools.org
    Mifflin K-8 S. Gail Blakey Social Worker 4369 sgblakey1@pghschools.org
    Miller K-5  Stephanie Cohen Social Worker 2104 scohen1@pghschools.org
    Minadeo K-5 Judith Kline Social Worker 4024 jkline2@pghschools.org
    Montessori K-5 Ryan Redman Counselor 6709 rredman1@pghschools.org
    Morrow K-8 Jerri Taylor Counselor 6585 jtaylor2@pghschools.org
    Morrow K-8 Robert White Counselor 6689 rwhite1@pghschools.org
    Oliver Citywide Academy   Colleen Coudriet Counselor 1238 ccoudriet1@pghschools.org
    Oliver Citywide Academy   Jennifer Fiscus Counselor 3199 jfiscus1@pghschools.org
    Oliver Citywide Academy     Alexandra Krynski Counselor 1224 akrynski1@pghschools.org
    Oliver Citywide Academy   Julie Macha Counselor 3177 jmacha1@pghschools.org
    Oliver Citywide Academy  Brandon Phillips Counselor 1208 bphillips1@pghschools.org
    Oliver Citywide Academy   Kris Yarussi Counselor 3117 kyarussi1@pghschools.org
    Perry High School Chanelle Keasley Social Worker 3429 ckeasley1@pghschools.org
    Perry High School Monique Brown Counselor   mbrown1@pghschools.org
    Perry High School Doug Mavracic                     Counselor 3432 dmavracic1@pghschools.org
    Perry High School Kent Praytor Counselor   kpraytor1@pghschools.org
    Perry High School Pheone Tolliver Social Worker 3426 ptolliver1@pghschools.org
    Phillips K-5   Megan Hartman Social Worker 5197 mhartman1@pghschools.org
    Pioneer    Michele Ventura Social Worker 8183 mventura1@pghschools.org
    Roosevelt K-5 Sandra Carson Social Worker 7799 scarson2@pghschools.org
    Schiller 6-8   Lana Shaftic Counselor 4190 lshaftic1@pghschools.org
    Science and Technology Academy Elaine Ashcom Counselor 7623 eashcom1@pghschools.org
    Science and Technology Academy Holly Blattler Eidinger Social Worker 7626 hblattlereidinger1@pghschools.org
    South Brook 6-8  Nena McDill Counselor 8176 nmcdill1@pghschools.org
    South Hills 6-8  Regina Govachini Social Worker 8132 rgovachini1@pghschools.org
    Spring Hill K-5 Diana Carter Counselor 3002 dcarter1@pghschools.org
    Sterrett 6-8 Jamila Hill-Lofton Counselor 8061 jhilllofton1@pghschools.org
    Student Achievement Center     Stephanie Marcus Social Worker 7864 smarcus1@pghschools.org
    Student Achievement Center     Christopher Sledge Counselor 7871 csledge1@pghschools.org
    Sunnyside K-8   Linda Voytko Social Worker 2062 lvoytko1@pghschools.org
    Uprep 6-12 At Milliones Nickolas Bordone Social Worker 5914 nbordone1@pghschools.org
    Uprep 6-12 At Milliones Erin Kelly Social Worker   ekelly2@pghschools.org
    Uprep 6-12 At Milliones Matthew Geiger Counselor 5950 mgeiger1@pghschools.org
    Uprep 6-12 At Milliones Karen Walker Counselor 5978 kwalker1@pghschools.org
    Weil K-5  Mary Wartella Social Worker 5324 mwartella1@pghschools.org
    West Liberty K-5 Julie Sumper Counselor 7423 jsumper1@pghschools.org