• List of Counselors and Social Workers (sorted by Location)

School Name Title Email Google/Cell Phone Ext
Admin Building Gerri Ennis Secretary III gennis1@pghschools.org 3951
Admin Building Barb Lewis Secretary III blewis4@pghschools.org 3852
Admin Building Carrie Woodard Director of School Counselors cwoodard1@pghschools.org 3984
Allderdice Tamara Garnett Student Services Assistant tgarnett1@pghschools.org 4846
Allderdice Debra Genter Social Worker dgenter1@pghschools.org 4884
Westinghouse Anthony Hall Counselor ahall1@pghschools.org 4812
Allderdice Amy Hand Counselor ahand1@pghschools.org 4813
Allderdice Dana Hecht Counselor dhecht1@pghschools.org 412-729-2141 4834
Allderdice Maggie Ionadi Transition Counselor mionadi1@pghschools.org 412-436-9304 4832
Allderdice Samantha Noll Social Worker snoll1@pghschools.org ‪724-241-8410‬ 4880
Allderdice Courtney Stonestreet Transition Counselor cstonestreet1@pghschools.org 412-385-2937 4836
Allderdice Lyndsey Van Luik, Counselor lvanluik1@pghschools.org 412-254-3871 4890
Allegheny 6-8 Janiece Anderson Social Worker janderson2@pghschools.org 5295
Allegheny K-5 Laura Ward Social Worker lward1@pghschools.org 4106
Arlington K-8 Jennifer Tyler Counselor jtyler1@pghschools.org 5203
Arsenal 6-8 Cassandra Rosser Social Worker crosser1@pghschools.org 3097
Arsenal PreK-5 Shanekka Mason Counselor smason2@pghschools.org 5796
Banksville K-5 Julie Sumper Counselor jsumper1@pghschools.org 7403
Beechwood PreK-5 Rebecca Konarski Counselor rkonarski2@pghschools.org 570-592-2222 7394
Brashear H.S. Kaitlin Hens Greco Social Worker khensgreco1@pghschools.org 7320
Brashear H.S. Amirah Hunt Counselor ahunt1@pghschools.org 7352
Brashear H.S. Molly Jeffers Transition Counselor mjeffers1@pghschools.org 7318
Brashear H.S. Taylor Kesich Transition Counselor tkesich1@pghschools.org 7317
Brashear H.S. Julianne Kuhns Counselor jkuhns1@pghschools.org 412-480-2632 7316
Brashear H.S. Timothy Pail Social Worker tpail1@pghschools.org 7333