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  • Student in World Language Clasroom The study of one or more world languages is an essential component in the education of students coming of age in the 21st century. The reality of the growing interdependence of peoples and cultures mandates that education prepare students to participate fully and responsibly in the local, national, and world communities.

    In order for students to acquire linguistic skills and cultural empathy, language learning should occur in a non-threatening and student-centered environment. The instructional strategies at the core of the world language curriculum should involve students in creative and authentic use of the target language. Cultural comparisons should emphasize the similarities that unite the world community and note the differences that enrich the blend. When language activities are implemented in a sequential and articulated program over an extended period of time, students will be better able to communicate confidently with linguistic, social, and cultural proficiency.

    The vision of the PPS World Languages Department is for all PPS students to have access to rigorous and vertically-articulated World Language programs, beginning as early in their schooling as possible, and extending through high school and beyond. Students will be prepared for college and career in a global economy through: consistent interaction with instructional strategies and curricula that emphasize and foster the ability to communicate at a student’s highest level in the target language(s), providing meaningful knowledge and understanding of target cultures.

    The Mission of the PPS World Languages Department is to:

    • Develop student-centered, culturally relevant world language curricula and instructional strategies aligned to Proficiency-Oriented Language Instruction, in collaboration with all stakeholders
    • Align with District and the Curriculum & Instruction Department's vision, goals and initiatives
    • Promote equitable access to world language programs and equitable course selections to all students
    • Provide professional learning opportunities designed to address all teachers’ needs
    • Support teachers as they implement best practices to grow students’ speaking proficiency in the target language, based on the Proficiency-Oriented Language Instruction framework
    • Ensure that assessments focus on communication and are aligned to District and national (ACTFL) standards, providing data to drive instruction


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ACTFL World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages

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Marsha Plotkin, World Languages Curriculum Supervisor
Email: mplotkingoleman1@pghschools.org

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