• "Look, Listen and Learn"


    "Look, Listen and Learn" included individual and group meetings with stakeholders, administrators, staff and community members. A total of nine community forums (listening sessions) were held with the final forum concluding on Tuesday, September 27, 2017.  In addition, Dr. Hamlet toured all of the District's 54 schools and held a special listening session with students.

    The listening sessions provided community members, parents, staff and students the opportunity to identify District assets, areas for improvement, and solutions for improving the District. Each comment received during the listening sessions was read and categorized. Those categories were combined into larger themes so that the District and Superintendent Hamlet could seek greater input through the PPS Strategic Planning Survey. The results from the survey will provide valuable insight on the key areas and themes that need to be included the five-year strategic plan. 

    Families, students, staff and community members are encouraged to provide their input by taking the PPS Strategic Plan Survey by Friday, October 21st. The results from the survey and a report on the Superintendents 90-Day Transition Plan will be provided on Wednesday, November 2nd to the Board of Directors at the monthly Education Committee meeting.