Every student faces the challenge of choosing a career direction—and the bigger challenge of getting a job in the chosen field. CTE helps with both challenges. Our District’s CTE programs are diverse, but they all share one purpose: to help students explore and choose careers that match their interests, then give them the education and experience they need to succeed.
    Just as importantly, most existing CTE Programs match (and all new programs must match) “High-Priority Occupations” defined by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Additionally, PPS uses information from the Three Rivers Workforce Investment Board and other organizations to align our programs with in-demand jobs in our region. That means when students enter the workforce, jobs will be available—and their CTE education will give them a big advantage in getting one.
    CTE programs also offer students a chance to earn credits and advanced standing at colleges, universities and technical/trade schools, as well as
    free industry certifications (ex.: ASE, EPA 608, Microsoft Technology Associate, Pennsylvania State Cosmetology License, and more).
    Use the menu on your left to explore our programs.  If you have questions, please contact us by calling 412-529-8690 or send an email message to cte@pghboe.net.