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    Are You an Inspiring School Leader? Join Our Team.

    At Pittsburgh Public Schools, we know that school leaders have a lasting impact on student, staff, and community success. Effective school leaders create collaborative and empowering work environments for their staff and engage broad representation of its school community in celebrating success and addressing challenges, all to support the achievement and growth of their students. 

    What We Look For

    We’re looking for school leaders with diverse experiences, a passion for innovation, and a commitment to excellence to help ensure that our schools provide safe learning environments and that all students graduate ready for college or a workforce certification program.
    Becoming a school leader requires a variety of skills, including the ability to:
    • Advance student achievement for all students, as well as act as a coach to help grow teacher practice.
    • Advocate and become a trailblazer for racial equity.
    • Embrace and ensure strong parent and community involvement.
    • Ensure a strong school climate and culture by serving as a transformational leader. 


    What You Can Expect

    You’ll receive the support and feedback you need to grow as a professional and help our students succeed. At Pittsburgh Public Schools, we don’t just have high expectations for our students—we believe all staff play a role in helping the District meet its goals for students.
    That’s why we ensure you receive the support you need, including personalized feedback from supervisors, a network of collegial support, and access to unprecedented data and information about your students and staff to help you leverage the power of the people in your building and identify opportunities for continued improvement.
    Our professional development supports school leaders in creating school cultures that reflect and value the diversity of all students—students of color, students with disabilities, and students who speak English as a second language. And all staff have access to Beyond Diversity training to build a foundational understanding of the impact race has on education and outcomes for our students. 
    You’ll receive a competitive salary to start, and participate in a performance-based compensation system that awards you up to $10,000 in annual bonuses based on your success in improving student outcomes.

    What Our School Leaders Have to Say 


    To hear even more from PPS school leaders, check out our video library


    How To Apply

    To become a school leader, you must first complete a “Standard: General” application in the District’s online application system.
    Step 1: Create an account and complete the online application. A complete school leader application will require an updated resume, reflective of your education and employment experience, including community involvement and leadership roles, three references, and all Pennsylvania Department of Education and/or out-of-state issued administrator certificate(s).
    Step 2: Locate the open school leader positions on the job board and apply to the position(s) in which you are interested.
    Step 3: Pittsburgh Public Schools will contact you if you are selected to move forward in the hiring process.
    Interested applicants that do not have access to a computer can apply online using the Human Resources Kiosk at the District's Central Administration Building at 341 S. Bellefield Avenue - Pgh, PA 15213.