• Getting Involved! 

    At Pittsburgh Public Schools, we strive to create an inclusive school community where all families, community members, and Pittsburgh Public School Alumni can be a part of the school environment. We believe that partnerships among schools, families, community members, and alumni are a necessity in creating a successful academic and social experience for children.     
    As an PPS Alumni how can I become an active participant and give back to my school?

    PPS Alumni who have a tie to the community are welcome to become members of the Parent and School Community Council (PSCC). Meetings are held monthly and cover a wide variety of topics that are of interest to the school. Local business and community leaders are invited to attend and give presentations. Those interested are encouraged to contact individual school’s to find out when their PSCC meetings are held.

    Here are a few other ways to "Get Involved" with Pittsburgh Public Schools:
    • Follow Pittsburgh Public Schools on Facebook and/or Twitter
    • Become a Middle School Mentor
    • Read to a class of students
    • Volunteer in a school
    • Speak to students about school, homework, their interests, ambitions and dreams and encourage students to attend school. Students can’t learn if they are not in school.
    • Donate to the Pittsburgh Promise® Scholarship Program
    • Participate in your school's PTO/PTA (*Not every school has a PTO/PTA.  Contact your school for more information.)

    Learn more more ways to get involved by checking out the Parent and Family Involvement Policy.