• Request Pittsburgh Public Schools Data

    PPS Staff: Internal Data Requests

    • Are you employed by Pittsburgh Public Schools and have a data need that cannot be met with an existing report?
    • Do you have an information request that will help you help your students and/or staff?
    • Do you like working with data, and have ideas for new reports to help your school?
    Then you are in the right place. Please visit our Internal Data Requests page for more information.
    Please note that, if you are an educator who is pursuing an advanced degree, and would like to establish a research or data collection project within the District, you should visit our External Data Requests and Research Partnerships page.
    Researchers and Partnering Organizations: Conducting Research with PPS
    Pittsburgh Public Schools welcomes outside researchers and organizations to conduct studies within our District. Studies may take the form of requesting data for analysis and/or partnering with District staff to conduct new data collection research projects.
    Please visit our External Data Requests and Research Partnerships page for more information.
    External Data Requests: Right to Know Requests
    As of January 1, 2009, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires government agencies, including school districts, to comply with regulations as set forth by the Right-to-Know Law Act 3 of 2008.
    The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Right to Know Law provides for access to public information and records.
    Please visit out Right to Know Request page for more information on how to file a request.