• What You Can Do as a Parent

    Parent and Family Involvement and Student Succcess

    Parent involvement and its powerful influence last 30 years show consistent results:
    -   When parents are involved, students achieve more, regardless of socioeconomic status, ethnic/racial background, or the parents’ education level
    -   The more extensive the parent involvement, the higher the student achievement
    -  When parents are involved in their students’ education, those students have higher grades and test scores, better attendance, and complete homework more consistent
    -     When parents are involved, students exhibit more positive attitudes and behavior
    -     Students whose parents are involved in their lives have higher graduation rates and greater enrollment rates in post-secondary education
    -     Different types of parent/family involvement produce different gains.
    • To have long-lasting gains for students, parents involvement activities must be well-planned, inclusive, and comprehensive
    -      Educators hold higher expectations of students whose parents collaborate with the teacher
    • Hold higher opinions of those parents
    -     In programs that are designed to involve parents in full partnerships, student achievement for disadvantaged children not only improves; it can reach levels that are standard for middle-class children.
    • Children who are farthest behind make the greatest gains
    Be supportive of your child! Encourage and motivate them to succeed! 

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