• Actionable and continuous feedback helps teachers to grow their practice to achieve even better results for students. 

    In order to continually grow their practice teachers, like all of us, need feedback. However, in the past, very few teachers received specific, regular feedback. In fact, in a 2008 survey administered by the District, fewer than 15% of teachers strongly agreed with the statement that, "Teacher evaluation in my building is rigorous and reveals what is true about teachers' practice."
    That's why the observation process in PPS is guided by the Research-based Inclusive System of Evaluation (RISE). RISE was developed by PPS educators in 2009 in order to provide teachers and their observers with a common language to talk about effective teaching strategies and ensure that every teacher receives fair and uniform support. The RISE process is designed to support professional growth by:
    • Supplying a common language for teachers and their observers to talk about planning and preparing for lessons, creating conditions for a positive classroom environment, engaging students with content, and professional growth. 
    • Creating opportunities for dialogue between teachers and observers through classroom observations and conversations about what the observers saw.
    • Providing cycles of feedback throughout the year - RISE sets the expectation that teachers will have multiple opportunities for feedback (or touch points), some through formal observations and some through quick stops in the classroom. 
    • Allowing for school and district-wide professional learning opportunities based on what observers see in classrooms

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