• Pittsburgh Public Schools teachers are enhancing their impact on students and peers.

    Lea Hutson with students
    "Being an Instructional Teacher Leader 2 (ITL2) is a unique opportunity to give back. You essentially are a classroom teacher, but you also have an opportunity to work with other teachers to help support them and grow their practice as well...The role of the ITL2 literally opens up opportunities for teachers to work together, collaborate, and start those conversations about how we are going to move our students to reaching levels where they can become productive citizens when they grow up. As an ITL2 you can actually act as a change agent. A lot of times teachers want to do their best and having a support system in place for them will take a teacher to higher levels by having that personal relationship with another colleague and having that space to learn and grow where their ideas are being heard." 
    - Lea Hutson, ITL2 at Pittsburgh Westwood K-5
    Pittsburgh Public Schools has collaborated with the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT) to provide promotional opportunities, or Career Ladder roles, for teachers. These roles allow teachers to use their leadership skills and earn additional compensation while increasing learning for Pittsburgh students and their colleagues. Currently, over 150 teachers are expanding their impact beyond their own classroom by serving as Career Ladder teachers.
    • Instructional Teacher Leader 2s (ITL2s) are effective teachers who provide coaching and support to peers in their school while still directly impacting students though classroom teaching.  
    • Learning Environment Specialists (LESs) work with principals, teachers, and District leadership to ensure that schools are positive teaching and learning environments where teachers can teach and students can learn. 
    • A Promise Readiness Corps (PRC) educator works with a team of teachers and other staff in their school to ensure that students transition successfully into high school. They follow students through 9th and 10th grades and work together to help these students enter 11th grade ready to take advantage of The Pittsburgh Promise® scholarship. Learn more about the Promise-Readiness Corps here.

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