• Pittsburgh Public Schools is increasing equity and achievement by placing highly effective teachers with high needs students through Career Ladder roles.

    The Widget Effect was a call to action for schools across the nation to identify differences in teacher effectiveness and use this understanding of their workforce to benefit students. Pittsburgh Public Schools is already identifying differences in teacher effectiveness and is using this knowledge to accelerate student achievement and eliminate racial disparities.

    Pittsburgh Public Schools introduced Career Ladder roles as promotional opportunities for effective teachers to take on greater leadership responsibilities while increasing their impact on student achievement. Currently, over 150 teachers are serving in these positions, expanding their impact beyond their own classrooms.
    Three Career Ladder roles were launched in 2011-12: Clinical Resident Instructor, Learning Environment Specialist, and Promise-Readiness Corps. Two more roles were launched in 2012-13: K-8 Instructional Teacher Leader and Secondary Instructional Teacher Leader. The final role, Turnaround Teacher, has been pushed forward to 2014-15.