• Throughout the nation, urban districts are applying research-based solutions to increase equity and achievement for their students.

    Rather than choosing a single approach and applying it broadly across the District, Pittsburgh Public Schools is engaging two of its schools, Pittsburgh King (PreK-8) and Pittsburgh Brashear (9-12) in designing and testing solutions to these longstanding problems.
    The Teaching Institute at Pittsburgh King and Pittsburgh Brashear opened in fall 2011-12. The Institute preserves the vision of The Teacher Academy[1] as schools serving high-need students and staffed by highly effective teachers. The Institute is committed to transforming these schools through a focus on racial equity, an understanding of high-quality instruction, and the development of a school community where all stakeholders - especially teachers - are empowered as leaders.

    [1] Scheduled to open in 2011, The Teacher Academy would have introduced an entirely new way of bringing novice teachers into the District, starting with the yearlong development of 38 new teacher candidates through an intensive induction program. However, with teacher furloughs imminent, the District recognized the futility of this investment since least senior teachers are the first furloughed. Thus, this group of specially selected and trained teachers would likely have had no impact on student achievement, having never set foot in a District classroom. In June 2011, the decision was made to cancel the opening on the Academy.