• Through student perception, we are able to better understand how students experience their classrooms.

    In an effort to provide an even clearer picture of what’s working in schools and classrooms, a new voice is joining the effective teaching conversation and providing valuable information. Research tells us that student voice can help teachers improve their practice in ways that benefit students. To solicit this feedback, PPS is now administering a student perceptions survey across the District.
    The Tripod student survey was refined over a ten year period in a partnership between Cambridge Education and Harvard University's Dr. Ron Ferguson, and asks student about their experience and engagement around seven elements of effective teaching. The Tripod student survey is used nationally; hundreds of schools and thousands of classrooms in more than 25 states have participated.

    The survey provides valuable information for improving practice in Pittsburgh Public Schools:
    • Teachers receive reports that present information in a way that can be used to focus professional growth.
    • Students have the opportunity to provide meaningful, structured feedback to their teachers, and reflect on their own engagement in the classroom.
    • The District better understands how students experience the classroom, and their level of engagement in learning.
    Survey data can also be used to look at student experience in a school, helping to focus priorities, track improvement, evaluate programs, and make decisions.