• In Pittsburgh Public Schools, student academic growth is one way we look at teacher effectiveness.studentgrowthlens

    Student performance on standardized tests was traditionally measured by achievement, or the score a student received. If this score was significantly above average, the student's teachers, teams, and schools were considered effective.

    But achievement scores alone fail to identify the teachers, teams, and schools that make significant contributions to their students' academic growth. By using value-added measures, we can help identify these contributions.

    Pittsburgh Public Schools collaboratively designed custom value-added measures to isolate teacher, team, and school contributions to the academic growth of the students they teach. Value-added measures are the fairest method available for understanding this impact because they level the playing field for all teachers in a way that other measures are unable to do.
    Value-added measures:
    • Support educators in a continuous improvement process.
    • Provide information in addition to achievement data that isolates the contributions of schools and teachers on the learning of students.
    • Promote collaboration within schools, grade-levels, and subjects.
    • Promote responsive and reflective teaching.
    • Increase the learning of all students in Pittsburgh Public Schools.
    • Recognize and validate teacher and school contributions to student growth.