Each year students at the Obama Academy will take part in Service Activities as part of their learning.  Some activities will be part of the graded curriculum, and some will be completed outside of the classroom.

    6th Grade -  Students will take part in the Advocacy Project, where they conduct research about a problem at the Obama Academy that they would like to see fixed, and write a letter to Mrs. Colbert or Dr. Watlers, using the results of their research to advocate for their position.

    7th Grade – Students will sponsor someone through Kiva

    8th Grade – Students will plan and complete a Service Project in their Language and Literature class, presenting their work at the end of the process.

    9th Grade – Students will plan and complete a Service Project in their Civics class, writing a paper reflecting on their work.

    10th Grade – Students are expected to independently complete service work over the course of this year.

    All students at the Obama Academy, grades 6 though 12 are expected to record and reflect about their service work on the Obama Academy’s Service Log.  Service work that is done specifically for class, and service work done outside of classwork should all be recoded on this site.



    9th Grade Service Project Handbook

    9th Grade Service Project Contract

    9th Grade Service Project Hours Recording Sheet