• Athletics, and other extra-curricular activities, play an important role in the life of the Obama Academy. 

    The central theme of our Mission Statement is to prepare students “to become well-rounded, globally competitive, compassionate, and confident, in a safe and supportive environment.”  Athletics help many of our students achieve this goal.

    Participation in Athletics also helps students to develop many of the characteristics of the IB Learner Profile.  Students must be Balanced to be able to juggle the commitments of academic achievement and participation in competitive athletics. They need to become Risk Takers when they try a sport that is new to them, or push themselves to grow beyond their current ability level in an activity they know well.  To have a hope of improving students must be Reflective, Inquiring, and always Thinking about their efforts and how they can be bettered.  In the 21st Century, being Knowledgeable does not involve the rote memorization of facts, but requires familiarity with people, communities and cooperation that athletics develops so well.  Athletics draws people together from all walks of life, helping students to become more Open-Minded, more Caring and better Communicators as they work together to achieve a final goal.  We hope that our athletic endeavors help our students to become more Principled as they learn through winning and losing with dignity.  

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