• How YOU can Be There

    Our students need all of us to  be there for them to help them succeed. Getting our students to school and helping them succeedBe there academically is the most important way to "Be There" but it's not the only way. Each of us plays a different part in a student's life and below are some ways for each of us to "Be There" for our students this year.
    Parents and families can“Be There” by helping your child get to school on time, helping with homework and becoming involved in school activities so your children can graduate Promise-Ready and be successful in life.
    Community members we ask that you aim to “Be There” to partner with schools and share the responsibility for the development of our future citizens so the Pittsburgh region will continue to grow and prosper.
    Teachers can “Be There” for students by taking advantage of every opportunity that supports learning and growth so they can accelerate achievement in every classroom.
    Principals will “Be There” by ensuring a safe and welcoming learning environment, and supporting teachers as they advance their practice to ensure everyone follows a path to academic and career success.
    Central office staff “Be There” to provide a service-oriented culture that delivers equitable supports and services to students and schools so the District can reach our goal that 80% of students will complete a 2 or 4 year college degree or workforce certification.