• Eligibility Criteria 


    General Eligibility

    Students attending public and non-public, not-for-profit, schools shall be transported to their schools, inside the Pittsburgh Public School District and those schools within ten (10) miles by public roads of the District boundaries in accordance with the following:

    Distance Criteria

    1. Kindergarten through grade eight students are eligible for transportation if they live more than 1.5 miles from school.
    2. Grades nine through 12 students are eligible for transportation if they live more than 2 miles from school.
    3. Distances will be measured from the nearest point where a private way or private road connects the residence of the student to the nearest point where a public road touches the school grounds.


    1. Hazardous Routes: Exceptions to transportation eligibility can be made if the highway, road or traffic conditions are hazardous to the safety of the child. (Refer to Hazardous Routes Form)
    2. Medical Reasons: Students may qualify for transportation if the District Medical Consultant approves such transportation based upon information provided by student's medical provider. This information must be submitted to Health Services on the Medical Transportation form.
    3. Exceptional Children: Students who meet certain enrollment criteria specified by the Program for Students with Exceptionalities (PSE) may be provided transportation by the District upon recommendation of the Director of PSE.

    Charter & Non-Public School Student

    • Dear PPS Parent/Guardian‐


      Families of charter, non‐public, and parochial students desiring daily transportation must submit an online request for service annually to ensure compliance with State regulations governed by Act 372 of the PA School Code. Transportation assignments will not be carried over from school year to school year. A new form for each student must be submitted in the summer prior to each school year.


      Transportation will be provided based on the student’s school of enrollment and eligibility based on legal residence as confirmed in PPS’ Student Information records. Each school is responsible for sending enrollment information and/or rosters to PPS verifying enrollment and the legal address.


      Families will complete this on‐line transportation form for each student for the 2023‐2024 school year.  Allow 7‐14 business days for requests to be processed by PPS. You should only call us to check on the status of your request if it has been more than 14 business days since you submitted it. Please do not submit a second request.


      Please note that if your child does not ride for a week or more, the stop could be eliminated, and a new form would need to be submitted. Forms must be received by July 17, 2023, to ensure transportation for the start of the 2023‐2024 school year.


      Please visit the below link or scan code on a phone or tablet to access the request form.

      Student ID will be required to complete the request.

      Student ID numbers can be obtained by reaching out to the Parent Hotline, 412‐529‐HELP [4357], or parenthotline@pghschools.org.

      The Parent Hotline operates Monday through Friday, 6:30 AM – 4:00 PM.



    External Resources

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