• Just like we recognize every student is important, we also know every teacher is important.

    In 2008, predating the Empowering Effective Teachers plan, Pittsburgh Public Schools, the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers (PFT), and approximately 120 teachers and administrators began a journey to develop new ways to identify and respond to differences in teacher effectiveness. This unprecedented approach was founded on the belief that working together would result in a professional growth system that better supports, empowers, and recognizes teachers.

    The system developed was the Research-based Inclusive System of Evaluation, or RISE. RISE ensures that every teacher receives fair and uniform support, and feedback to help them get better for their students. The RISE framework brings resources to every teacher by identifying what effective teaching looks like, and fosters a common language between teachers and principals.
    RISE breaks down teaching into four categoriess:
    1. Planning and Preparation
    2. Classroom Environment
    3. Teaching and Learning
    4. Professional Responsibilities
    Within each of these categories, teachers are evaluated on different components, such as Engaging Students in Learning and Establishing a Culture for Learning. Teachers are then rated based on their performance in each of these components. RISE ensures that teachers have access to support and resources that is truly reflective of their teaching practice.