• Effective teachers are the #1 school-based factor for improving student outcomes.

    The key to dramatically improving student achievement is kids by having an effective teacher in every classroom, every day. That's why Pittsburgh Public Schools and the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers work together to develop the Empowering Effective Teachers plan. This plan identified three strategic priorities to improve teaching and learning in every classroom:
    1. Increase the number of highly effective teachers. By looking at teaching in multiple ways, the District is working to help principals, teachers, and District leaders better understand and improve their effectiveness. We also recognize and reward our effective teachers, and help teachers who need improvement.

    2. Increase the exposure of high-needs students to highly effective teachers. The District offers effective teachers new roles that empower them as leaders in improving student achievement.
    3. Ensure all teachers and students work in learning environments that promote college readiness. By better understand teaching and learning conditions in every school, school staff can make their schools better places to teach and learn.
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