• Great teachers do more than just raise grades. They change lives.

    In Pittsburgh and nationally, we are focusing on teacherimageofteacher effectiveness and emphasizing education as the key to our country's future.  
    For too long, teachers have gone unrecognized for their individual strengths and contributions to student learning. School districts have been unable to measure differences in teacher effectiveness or use this information to help teachers improve. Until now.
    Pittsburgh Public Schools and the Pittsburgh Federation of Teachers are transforming public education. And the research supports our approach to increasing student achievement through our Empowering Effective Teachers efforts, funded by a $40 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and more than $40 million in state and federal grants.
    We now have ways to understand and respond to differences in teacher effectiveness. We are using this information to drive recruitment, development, evaluation, promotion, recognition, retention, and compensation.

    We are committed to supporting and growing our teachers, and ensuring all of our students are on course to take full advantage of The Pittsburgh Promise.

    To learn more about our Empowering Effective Teachers work, please check out the Resources page.