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    As a District, we measure success by more than a single test score found on a state assessment. Over the past several years we have collaborated with teachers, administrators and parents in order to collect data that will give us a comprehensive view of our schools –  both independently and as grade-specific clusters. 
    Because we are committed to continuous improvement, we want to share this 360-degree  view with you. That is also why we have chosen to provide data from the seven charter schools chartered by the Pittsburgh Public Schools. 
    We are determined to be open and honest about how all of the schools within our District are performing. Although there is still much work to be done, we feel confident that by working together, we can ensure that all of our students achieve excellence so they can earn the Pittsburgh Promise® scholarship.
    We welcome your support in helping us stay on course. We need everyone’s help in reaching our goals of accelerating student achievement, eliminating racial disparities and becoming a District of first choice.  Together, we have the power to make positive change in our schools and across the District.
    You can view school information in three ways – 1) an individualized school report by school name, 2)  a report of schools by grade configuration such as K-5 or 3) you can download the full report.
    To get started, please use the search tool below and search by school name OR school type. School type refers to a school's grade configuration such as K-5, K-8, 6-8, 9-12, 6-12. To guide you through the data, we have created a video tutorial as well as a glossary of terms. If you have questions regarding your school's data, we encourage you to contact your school principal. 

    Find the report on your school: 

    *The District’s Special Schools are not included because data points for progress are different from other schools. These include Pittsburgh Conroy, Pittsburgh Gifted Center, Pittsburgh McNaugher, Pittsburgh Oliver City-Wide Academy, Pittsburgh Student Achievement Center.
    ***Pittsburgh Langley K-8 not included because of new school status.