• Attendance Procedures

    Any student who has more than six absences in a report period will receive a failing grade for the report period. If a student’s absences are legally excused and they have received failing grades due to failure to meet the attendance standard, the student shall be entitled to receive a better grade provided that the following requirements are met:

    • The student has completed all course requirements and assignments
    • The student, at the direction of the teacher, has made up any missed course work, and/or testing within a reasonable period of time
    • The student passes the final yearly or semester examination, if any
    • The student has provided appropriate documentation to verify the reason for the absences i.e. notes from dentists, doctors, courts, etc. Students who have more than six illegal absences will receive a failing grade for the report period and will not be permitted to makeup assignments. Principals and teachers will continue to consider special, unusual and extenuating circumstances when applying these attendance standards, and grant exceptions when warranted.
    For more information, please refer to the Code of Student Conduct.

    Early Dismissal

    Any student requesting an early dismissal should present a written request to the office after reporting to homeroom. The request should include the student’s name, homeroom, date, time, reason for early dismissal, a parent or guardian’s signature and a telephone number at which the parent may be reached. At the time designated, the parent must report to the main office to complete the sign out process.

    The student will be expected to report to the office at the requested time. No student will be dismissed to anyone other than his/her legal guardian, unless a written request is submitted by said guardian and approved by the administration.


    Excessive tardiness to homeroom or any class will result in disciplinary action. Tardiness that results in a student missing a class will be considered an illegal absence when calculating grades.
    After the second tardy to class, the teacher notifies the parent of the situation. On the fourth tardy to class, the teacher submits a referral which results in a week of lunch detention for the student. In the case where a school bus is late, the student is marked as a “bus tardy,” and this does not count against the student’s accumulation of tardies.

    Emergency School Closing

    Should any emergency arise or serious weather conditions make roadways impassable, notice of school closings or delays will be broadcast over the radio and television stations starting at 6 a.m.

    Emergency Announcements/Calls

    Emergency announcements concerning changes in planned activities (due to inclement weather or other unusual circumstances) will be broadcasted to students and staff as necessary. Students will only be given emergency messages from home.

    Telephones are not available for student use. Daily announcements involving student activities are announced at the beginning and end of each school day.

    Leaving the Building

    While school is in session (includes after-school activities), students are not permitted to leave the school grounds unless authorized to do so by one of the building administrators. This offense may warrant suspension.