• Obama 6-12 Dress Code

    At Pittsburgh Obama 6-12, we expect standards of decent dress. A student’s appearance is a source of pride not only to the individual and his/her family, but to the school as well.

    Inappropriate dress and appearance will be judged in regard to the disruption of the school learning environment, as well as the health, safety, welfare, morals and rights of students and staff. If a student and /or parent/guardian is uncertain as to the appropriateness of clothing for school, they should check with the school principal or assistant principals before the clothing is worn to school.

    The principal or the assistant principals will be the final judge of the appropriateness of student dress and appearance.

    The following are dress and footwear items that are prohibited and shall be in effect during regular school hours and at any school-sponsored event whether on or off school premises.
    • Clothing that is revealing, suggestive, immodest or that depicts obscene, vulgar, disturbing, distracting or inappropriate terminology or images. Examples of such dress include:  halter tops, tank tops, mesh clothing, muscle shirts, boxer shorts, gym shorts, bicycle shorts, articles made of spandex, lycra or similar material, see through clothing, any skirt, shirt or other top that exposes undergarments or bare midsection.
    • Clothes that advertise, promote or display alcohol, illegal drugs or suggest, promote, or imply the use of alcohol or drugs.
    • Clothes which depict or suggest sexual content, vulgar images or obscene language.
    • Clothes that advertise, promote, display or imply the use of tobacco products.
    • Clothes that depict violent acts or weapons.
    • Clothes that depict bigotry, hatred and discrimination.
    • Clothing that depicts cults, gangs, or membership therein.
    • Shorts, skirts and dresses must be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee when student is standing.
    • Mini-skirts, short shorts, hot pants, and shredded jeans or jeans with holes are not permitted.
    • Hats, caps, bandanas, bandana patterned headbands, scarves and do-rags are not to be worn in school.
    • Outdoor clothing (coats, jackets, large hooded jackets, gloves, etc.) is not to be worn in school.
    • Pants are to be worn around the waist with belts buckled. Underwear should not be visible.
    • Pants/sweatpants with words written on backside are not permitted.
    • Jewelry, accessories or adornments that pose a potential health/safety hazard or that depict obscene, vulgar, disturbing, distracting or otherwise inappropriate terminology or images are prohibited.
    • Proper footwear must be worn in school at all times. The wearing of flip flops, shower or beach shoes, slippers or other footwear that has no defined heel or heel strap, or that is not securely fastened to the foot is strictly prohibited.
    • Hairstyles and cosmetic use which are a distraction to the educational process will not be permitted.
    • CHAINS of any kind are not permitted.
    Pittsburgh Public Schools Dress Code