• Title I

    Title I, Part A is the largest single federal aid for elementary and secondary education. It is a grant that ensures all children have a fair, equal and significant opportunity to obtain a high-quality education and reach, at a minimum, proficiency on challenging academic achievement standards that the State has set for all children.
    There are two types of Title I programs:  Targeted Assistance Programs and Schoolwide Programs.  Which program a school would implement is dependent upon the percentage of students that receive free or reduced-price lunch in a school and how a school would like to function.  Targeted Assistance schools typically have less than 40% of their students receiving a free or reduced-price lunch, while Schoolwide schools have 40% or more.  Schoolwide programs have more flexibility to use Title I funds to upgrade the educational program while Targeted Assistance programs provide support to only students identified as academically eligible.  All Title I schools in our District are Schoolwide Programs.
    Components of a Title I Schoolwide Program:
    1. All Title I schools must complete a needs assessment and develop a comprehensive schoolwide plan.
    2. This plan must identify schoolwide reform strategies aligned with the needs assessment, that are evidence-based and provide opportunities for all children to meet the State's proficient or advanced levels of achievement.
    3. Provide instruction by appropriately state certified teachers, including paraprofessionals, according to the criteria set by the Every Student Succeeds Act.
    4. High quality ongoing professional development designed to address the needs of the school.
    5. Strategies to attract appropriately state certified teachers.
    6. Strategies to increase parent and family engagement. 
    7. Strategies to help students transition from early childhood to kindergarten.
    8. Teachers are involved in the use of assessments and decisions are data driven.
    9. Timely academic assistance is provided for students who are experiencing difficulty attaining proficiency.
    10. Coordination and integration of federal, state and local resources and services.  
    Click here to see the District level Parent & Family Engagement Policy. Included within is the Title I Complaint Policy beginning on page 22. 
    To learn more about Title I please go to:
    The United States Department of Education - here
    Pennsylvania Department of Education, Division of Federal Programs - here

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