• Flyer Distribution

    The Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) receives a large number of requests from our community to distribute information about events/activities to our families. Any external flyer must be approved by the District before distribution at any PPS school or site.  The Office of Public Information will serve as the clearinghouse for these requests and use the following protocol when considering the distribution of any materials from outside entities. Please be advised that requests may take up to two weeks to be reviewed and approved. 
    • The District reserves the right to refuse any flyer.  Typically we only approve flyers that have a clear education enrichment purpose or provide information related to enrichment activities for students, such as after-school programs and athletic programs.
    • Flyers will be approved to reach schools during the following times: August 15 to May 30 of each school year.
    • Flyer requests will be reviewed each week.
    • A complete listing of schools you wish to distribute the flyer in must accompany the flyer request.
    • If there is a fee required for the activity or event, financial aid or scholarship information must be available in order to distribute in schools. This information must be on your flyer or brochure for it to be approved (i.e. Financial Aid Available).
    • Flyers or brochures must be packaged for each school with enough copies for each student.
    • Flyers must be packaged and labeled for individual schools and delivered to the District’s Service Center located at 1305 Muriel Street, Pgh, PA 15203.
    • PPS will NOT incur the costs for copying or distribution.
    • PPS will NOT approve a flyer that is a direct marketing pitch for professional services or merchandise.
    • PPS will NOT approve flyers that are religious in nature or refer to specific religious holidays (i.e. Christmas or Easter). Not all students celebrate the same religious holidays. Rather, terms such as “Holiday”, “Winter” or “Spring” should be used.
    All requests must be submitted using the Request for Flyer Distribution Form and be accompanied by the flyer or brochure to be distributed. Forms and flyers may be submitted for review via the following methods:
    Contact: Merecedes J. Howze
    Email: mhowze1@pghboe.net  
    Fax: 412-622-3624
    Mail: Office of Public Information- Flyer Request, 341 S. Bellefield Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA 15213
    Upon approval of your request, a letter will be faxed/emailed to you. To distribute flyers district-wide, please call the Service Center at 412-488-5155 to schedule a time to drop off your package. The approval letter will need to be presented to the Service Center when you drop off your information for distribution. Approval is given on the content of the flyer only. The approval letter you receive is for the specific flyer presented for approval and may not be altered or used at other times during the school year. The approval letter does NOT give permission for you to use our facilities. Permits for use of PPS Facilities must be acquired separately. Permit applications are available on the District’s website and /or District facilities. We will request a copy of your permit when your flyer mentions using a PPS site for your activity.

    If you have any questions, which have not be answered above, please call The Office of Public Information at 412-529-3615.