• Science

    The goal of secondary science education in Pennsylvania is to produce scientifically literate citizens through an inquiry-based approach that builds understanding of fundamental scientific processes and principles of biology, chemistry, physics, Earth science, and Ecology. However, scientific literacy is not limited to the understanding of fundamental scientific principles. It also involves proficiency in scientific reasoning and the ability to critically analyze the interplay between science, technology, and society. The PPS science curriculum provides opportunities for students to practice and apply this type of thinking, thereby cultivating scientific literacy while strengthening overall critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills.

    This program supports the following goals for students:

    • Use such cognitive skills as critical thinking, problem solving, and analyze ethical issues
    • Demonstrate mastery of the processes of scientific inquiry through the use of the Eight Science and Engineering Practices
    • Understand scientific concepts
    • Understand that science is a way of knowing
    • Understand the personal, social, and ethical implications of science
    • Use educational technologies as tools for learning


    • Eight Science and Engineering Practices embedded in learning experience
    • Inquiry Approach to learning science
    • Aligned to the Eligible Content for the PSSA and Keystone Exams
    • Aligned to the PA Common Core State Standards, PA Academic Standards and Eligible Content, and Next Generation Science Standards, inclusive of the 8 Science and Engineering Practices
    A new chemical safety plan has been developed.  It is the responsibility of all science teachers to read the document and complete the required professional development.  
    Science PSSA and Biology  Keystone Preparation Materials
    Each packet below contains the following documents: Test Design Information, Assessment Anchors and Eligible Content, Constructed Response Scoring Activities, 2015-2016 Science Item and Scoring Sampler, and Depth of Knowledge Information