• Eligible Business Enterprise (EBE) Directory
    November 2018  (2215 firms)

    A directory of firms that are currently certified as MBE, WBE, DBE or 8(a) firms. To search for a vendor by company please use the drop down list. The firms are in alphabetical order.
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    The directory is updated on a monthly basis. If you qualify and your firm was not listed in the directory please submit our EBE Vendor Profile registration form. Please return this form with proof of current certification. 


    For the purposes of the Business Opportunity Program (BOP), the District has elected to consider Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Woman-owned Business Enterprise (WBE), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), and SBA 8(A) certifications. Our database, which contains MBEs, WBEs, DBEs and 8(A) firms will be referred to as the pool of Eligible Business Enterprises (EBEs).

    Admissible Certifications

    The Minority/Women Business Coordinator (Coordinator) has developed a partnership with area agencies who perform the certification of potential Eligible Business Enterprises. The District will consider firms that possess certifications from pre-approved public and/or private entities. At present, the PPS will accept certifications by the Eastern Minority Supplier Development Council (“EMSDC”) and its national affiliates, Pennsylvania’s Uniform Certification Program (PA UCP - includes Allegheny County, the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation and Port Authority) and 8(A) certification by the Small Business Administration – Pittsburgh District and its' national affiliates.  Current contact information regarding the certifying agencies shall be maintained by the BOP and made accessible to all interested persons upon request.

    The certification standards utilized by the public and/or private entities must sufficiently ensure that only legitimate firms are certified. Each of the certifying agencies have a very comprehensive process to determine the ownership and control of firms, which apply for certification however acceptance of another entity’s certification shall be within the discretion of the Coordinator. The Coordinator will develop a database of eligible vendors based on certifications conducted by these entities. Neither the public nor the non-profit entities will be held liable for firms that falsify or otherwise attempt to circumvent the certification process.

    A federally or nationally regulated certification process is used to determine if a firm is minority, woman and/or socially and economically owned and controlled. To qualify, the owner(s) must demonstrate and provide documentation establishing at least 51 % ownership of the company. Once the ownership of a firm is established, the business owner must demonstrate the technical knowledge and experience to make independent business operating and management decisions. Control includes both managerial and operational control with technical knowledge of the firms' major areas of work being an important component for assessing operational control. Annual reviews of all certified firms are made to determine if the ownership and control has changed. The entire certification process assures that only bona fide firms participate in the respective programs.
    EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY --- Certification from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will no longer be sufficient for enrollment in our database or to meet any of our established EBE goals. You will be required to submit proof from one of the other agencies listed above.


    Registration is the process utilized so that a particular business may become a part of the pool of vendors identified for the purpose of increasing opportunities for historically underutilized business enterprises with respect to contracts awarded by the District. The screening mechanism for certification assures that interested EBEs have the proper ownership, size, control and management as defined in the respective agency’s Program.

    No firm shall be precluded from contracting with the District for lack of being registered as an EBE. For those who wish to participate in the Business Opportunity Program as an EBE, an approved registration form is outlined in the Resources Section of this document. Any firm submitting this form must also submit proper proof from an appropriate certifying agency with the submission of the bid or proposal, if it has not registered in advance. The District retains the right and authority to deny registration, for good cause, as to the requirements of this Program.

    Once the registration form and substantiating documentation has been received the information will be verified and the firm entered into the EBE database. This database will be updated on a monthly basis and publicized on the District’s website. All firms will be assigned no more than four industry classification codes, which will identify the type of work it is certified/registered to perform. Each firm will be required to renew its registration on an annual basis that is determined by the calendar year. The EBE directory information can be provided on a disk or by hardcopy upon request.