• Port Authority 

    If your child assigned a Port Authority bus pass, he/she can obtain the pass from his/her school. Once the pass is in your child's possession it is your child's responsibility. The District will not replace lost or stolen passes.

    At the beginning of a school year, students will be able to ride into school for free on the first day. They will then obtain their passes to return home.
    Port Authority Schedule Finder: Plan your student's route

    Port Authority is preventing the spread of COVID-19 is a team effort. Here's what you need to know.

    Additional information can be found at, Port Authority Coronavirus-covid19-updates


    Port Authority has launched a new tool on their website call Room2Ride. Passengers can use this tool for trip planning purposes to see, on average, if their trip experiences high passenger counts

    • We recommend that families map out a number of different Port Authority routes for the students to utilize
      • Tools to assist with this can be found on Port Authority’s Webpage:
    1. Room2Ride
    2. Schedule Finder