• Phase 1: Hearing All Voices


    6 - 8 weeks: January through Mid March

    GOAL: Begin to deeply engage PPS teachers, school leaders, other PPS staff and the greater Pittsburgh community in this effort to create a vision for impact.
     School Communities Central Office Broader Community
    • March EFA meeting focus groups 
    • Attendance on instructional rounds 
    • School visits 
    • Student, teacher, and principal focus groups 
    • 1:1 interviews with several teachers, principals, parents & students 
    • Review of key surveys including student, staff, and family perceptions

    • Web-based survey of all staff 
    • 1:1 interviews with multiple department leads and project leads 
    • Focus groups 
    • Bi-monthly town hall meetings 
    • Email updates monthly 
    • Attend department meetings 
    • Anonymous online feedback forms
    • Advisory Group (Meeting on 2/19, 5/13, 8/15) 
    • 1:1 interviews with community groups, foundations, key City leaders 
    • Anonymous online feedback forms
  • Phases 2 & 3: Current State & External Research


    3 months: March - May

    GOAL: Analyze district structures, as well as academic and financial performance compared with external benchmarks and best practices in order to identify the key gaps, opportunities, and quick wins that will drive the development of strategic options in Phase 4.
  • Phases 4 & 5: Strategic Option Development


    6 months: June - November

    GOAL: Develop a list of potential strategic options, prioritize these options and make initial recommendations, facilitate discussions and finalize strategic recommendations.