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    The Office of Public Information coordinates news coverage for the Pittsburgh Public Schools and is responsible for handling official communications between the District and the news media by providing story ideas to media outlets and helping to arrange appropriate interviews.  The office is responsible for the following: 
    • Responding to media inquiries;
    • News releases on district and school activities; 
    • News conferences and briefings;
    • Radio and television broadcasts;
    • Sharing of District news on the PPS website and through social media channels. 
    Please view the District News Media Relations policy.

District News

  • Superintendent's Letter to PPS Staff

    In light of the tragedy in Broward County, FL, Dr. Anthony Hamlet wrote a letter to District staff letter about ensuring school safety in PPS.

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  • Could Anthony Hamlet’s staunch focus fix legacy problems at the Pittsburgh Public Schools?

    Public Source, February 14, 2018

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  • Getting to the Real Issues in Contract Negotiations

    Superintendent Hamlet Clarifies the Facts in Message to District Stakeholders

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